Promoting the quality of the architectural event, occurring around us, undoubtedly needs institutions which are performing as a knowledge based and coordinators link between academic centers and construction flows.
Since its establishment up to date, Iranian Architectural Center (IAC) has always been committed to filling parts of this large gap along with expert society in academic, management and execution areas of activities and also taking some possible steps to the development of our dearest country by achievement of the following objectives:
- Codifying new experience-based training courses that helps to make much more efficient present of architects in architectural professions (e.g MBA comprehensive courses for architects).
- Codifying knowledge-based courses that relies on new technology, material and softwares in order to promoting the quality of the student's science level and making updated architects.
- Creating proper backgrounds for flourishing talents and reinforcing young people's spirit by launching architectural competition for instance, the annual competition of Superior Architect.
- Explaining urban construction problems and offering practical solutions by launching applied conferences based on rich culture and Islamic architecture of Iran.
- Collaborating with students of IAC in designing and executive projects of ATIN company (designing – execution department of IAC) in order to compose a harmonic cooperation between education and professional experience.

- Creating educational equality by offering scholarships for talented students to attend freely in training courses.
Promoting public in architectural culture by launching special courses for children, civil engineers and etc.
By the grace of GOD since ten years, our center has held over more than 100 scientific- applied seminars, conferences and training courses by attending over 50 thousand members.

Now, the great family of IAC is serving up by more than 100 superior professors of IRAN, 80 full members in Tehran and 15 province branches proudly.
The main activities of IAC include:
-  E-learning system of Iranian Architectural Center    
-  The student club
-  Branches throughout the country     
-  Publication
- Software & Presentation:   
- Autocad                                                          
- 3Ds studio MAX                               
- V-Ray                                              
- Revit  
- Sketch up
- Photoshop CC
- Post production                              
- Rhinoceros                                     
- Lumion                                          
- Eco tect                                          
- Design builder                                                                   
- Architecture & Interior design:                          
- Aesthetics principles                                  
- Fundamentals of chromatics
- The design process   
- Landscape design (In Door/ Out Door)     
- Material       
- Lighting               
Some courses specific non - architects -                       

- AMBA  (Architecture Master Business Administration)
- Project & construction management                                     
- ADES (Architecture Designing Execution Supervision)     
- Supplementary Educations                                               
- Sketch                                                                               
- Primary - Advanced & Comprehensive
- Urbanism                                                                              


For the first time in Iran, IAC has defined AMBA courses for architects who are graduated recently and interested in promoting practical level in their business. The main goals of these courses include:
- Raising management capabilities and mental empowerment of the architects.
- Creating conformity between management principles and architectural profession (e.g Risk management, Strategic management and architecture, human Resource management in architectural officers and project …)
- Creating correct imaginary for leading towards a proportional and efficient way.
- Offering combined international bilingual certification of Tehran University of Art, INTERTECNO company and IAC.


In Iran, for the first time, IAC has codified comprehensive courses for designing, execution and supervision that relies on experience professional associate.

Architecture Designing Execution Supervision
- Steering theoretical topics to practical projects according to the real needs of community.
- Transferring experiences of professional engineers to young architects through recording experiences unwritten professional experiences.
- Creating competitive advantages between architects on solving occupation's problems.
- Familiarizing architects with the legal-management skills.
- Promoting practical knowledge of architects.
- Familiarizing architects with new methods in the 3 parts   Designing - Execution – Supervision).)
- Offering combined international bilingual certification of INOCERT institute, Canada INTERTECNO company and IAC.  
Eliminating this gap between theoretical education and reality workspace, is our main goal.

Scientific Subjects
Ohter Subjects