Department Introduction

Due to the necessity of understanding hidden parts of Iranian architecture, IAC’s historical buildings and textures restoration department has established for the development and protection of Iranian architecture and Persian-Islamic civilization legacy. With the help of famous professors and Iranian architecture experts’ experience and restoration expert researchers, this department is known as the only scientific, educational and researching pole of Iranian architecture. Therefore, the manager of this department has defined a vast educational and researching actions including professional courses for introduction to Iranian architecture, workshops (scientific-practical), seminars for restoration, holding professional tours for introduction to Iranian architecture, professional historical buildings interior design courses, researching groups development, Digital Library and professional book archive founding, learning courses with an approach to preparation for graduate study, etc. as our primary activities plan. The most important goal of this department is to change of attitude toward Iranian architecture and consequently, the restoration of historical building as a modern up to date activity and also introducing the students with the middle knowledge areas relevant to restoration subject