In DEFAB courses, a small project is defined which should be designed and built by the students with the guidance of the professors. During the term, students learn how to use different software to build the real project. One of our successful project is described in the following paragraphs.

DEFAB workshop was intended to make a shelter for the courtyard of Iranian Architecture Center, there was a café in the courtyard and tables of the café were located in the courtyard in open space, that’s why in the summer the sunshine and in the winter the rain was bothering people, So the courtyard needed a shelter to protect people.

There was another matter, the courtyard was full of trees that any construction needed to cut some of the trees.
In this project we had 3 important goals.

- First: Saving the trees
- Second: Building a shelter
- Third: Designing a shelter as a digital architecture workshop

In the designing process we used some software like Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Karamba, and…, but the most important software was the Rhino Vault which is a plug-in for Rhino.

Rhino Vault helps you to design special vaults, vaults that just tolerate compression tension without any tensile, like vaults that we had seen in Isler and Antonio Gaudi projects, but here with exact calculation with Rhino Vault we could minimize the tensile tension, so Rhino Vault is a form finding software that helps you to create vaults without any tensile tension, that’s why we could easily cover a twelve meters span by a vault. But the big surprise is the thickness of the vault is just about one centimeter while the main material is wood.